Youth Educator In Residence Appointed

Kim Polgreen
be a science communicator

We are delighted to announce that Kim Polgreen is lending us her expertise as our new 'Youth Educator in Residence', which we hope will increase the engagement of young people with Wytham Woods through visits, projects, online media and social media, working with local schools, and other organisations.

Already we have created a science communications project; Be A Science Communicator, for 16-18 yr olds, giving them an amazing opportunity to build skills while engaging with the natural world, and specifically the research at Wytham. Booking is now open, on our events page.

Kim introduces herself here:

Hello. Great to meet you. When I was 6 years old my village school head teacher would stop lessons if a kestrel was spotted outside the school window. I decided then that understanding the natural world was more important than anything else I could learn. And it was. After a 30 year career in science, sustainability, business and education, my aim now is to help young people find their own passion for the natural world and link that to their future careers. You can find more about what I do at, and where I’ve been on LinkedIn. See you in the woods!


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