Insects: we live with them, admire them, fear them and are fascinated by them. We depend absolutely on them for all our food and for supporting the rest of the biosphere, but they can also be a nuisance or a threat to us.

In this workshop you will learn how scientists study insects, and look at how humans have portrayed them in art over the centuries.

Working with our experts you will examine some of the 6 legged inhabitants of Wytham Woods, study some specimens from the collections at the University Natural History Museum, and explore how insects are portrayed in the artworks and objects from the Ashmolean's collections.

You can practice recording insect morphology accurately by creating drawings from museum specimens, let your imagination be sparked and create your own piece of art, or go bug hunting in the Woods.

The workshop will be in the open air and in the open sided barn at the University's Laboratory with Leaves, Wytham Woods. We will start at 10am, hopefully with some moths trapped the previous night, and end with lunch round a camp fire (we may be able to serve venison burgers!).

This is aimed at 15-18 year olds. It is led by Sarah Lloyd from OUNMH, Clare Cory from the Ashmolean and Kim Polgreen from Wytham Woods.