John Blandy to return to Wytham for Artweeks

Artist John Blandy will be returning to Wytham Woods as an Artist in Residence at during Oxfordshire Artweeks 2018, setting up his workshop at the Sawmill from 11am to 6pm from 12-20 May.

John Blandy is working on a small easel, sketching trees, wearing hat, gloves and scarf

Visitors can see a selection of his pastel works, many of them directly inspired by long-term observation of nature in and around the Woods – from images showing the changes over time seen in a 600 year-old oak and in the impressive hornbeam that stands near the Sawmill entrance to a series of pictures of the Seacourt Stream that runs through Wytham village. The latter forms part of a major project that has been going since the 1970s.

His main technique is to set up in one spot and repeatedly paint the same scene, challenging himself to see things afresh over time. ‘Painting from the same spot over the years allows me to see through the work how the place changes day by day, and year on year,’ he explains.

Also on display will be a film showing the changes that have befallen a particular lime tree in Queen’s Park, London, since 1997.

There will also be a programme of other events for Artweeks, organised by Artists in Residence Robin Wilson and Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley.

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