Poetry Workshop for Teenagers


Join us for 90 minutes, finding weird looking fungi in a damp wood, and seeing what pops up in your consciousness - and if you feel like it, writing a few words on paper. You never know what might happen!

Excitingly, BBC Radio Oxford have suggested that we submit a few minutes of poetry about Wytham Woods, written by young people, to their 'Upload' page: "Your chance to showcase your talent on the BBC... We’ll watch, read, or listen to everything you upload and what catches our attention will go on air or on local BBC digital platforms."

Dr Sarah Watkinson studies fungi and writes poetry so is just the person to help. Sarah's last poetry event with teens was great fun and generated some fabulous lines of poetry.

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The Wytham Estate (Wytham Woods and Hill End Field Centre) was owned from 1920 by the ffennell family, a philanthropic family, committed to outdoor education. Their only child, Hazel, died as a young woman and her parents continued their purpose of bringing young people to their estate, before finally gifting the estate to Oxford University.

The final few lines of Sarah Watkinson's poemWytham Woods: A Gift from the ffennell Family to the World (in the newly published Woods of Hazel poetry booklet), reflect the purpose of the gift:

"For understanding the causes of such things

for kindly guardianship of creatures, to brighten the minds of children

these woods were given to us for learning, for the love of a child."

100 years later we are still going strong.