Bicycle Boy

We are thrilled to be working very hard to bring you three days of performances of Bicycle Boy, on 27, 28 and 29 August. (The performances on 27 August will be held at The Music Room, Eynsham, while 28 and 29 August are at Wytham Woods.)

Sam has 24 hours to clear out his grandad’s old bike workshop. He remembers granddad teaching him to ride (and pretending to be his favourite superhero, Bicycle Boy). It seems granndad may have left Sam a present somewhere in the workshop, and some clues to find it. But there’s no power and Sam needs electricity to unlock the clues. Can you help him? If we can connect up enough bikes and pedal like mad we can make generate enough power for Sam’s journey (and the show). Join us for a musical adventure (and be prepared to help pedal power the performance!).




Full details of our COVID-19 plan will be published in due course.

Tickets will be sold in 'pods' of up to 6 people per pod, each costing £30. This means a family of 6 will be able to enjoy the show for just £30 in total!

Should the event have to be cancelled for any reason, including the reinstating of lockdown, either nationally or locally, all tickets will be refunded in full.

From Reviews Hub: 5 stars

‘Fans of Helen Eastman’s work… will already appreciate the fourth-wall dissolving antics that constitute such an appropriate introduction to the theatre experience for younger audiences, and all is present and correct here’.

‘[The cast] tear up the songs and banter with their young audience with warmth’

‘There are some messages here about energy consumption, bicycle safety and the decline of old family businesses, but there is also a central human story that hits with a surprising power. This is not to be missed. The joy in your young companion’s face as she holds up her prop for the bicycle boy song, or the tear in her eye at the suggestion of throwing away an old and cherished teddy bear, will affirm the power of a simple story, earnestly performed, to sneak up on you somewhere during an hour on a warm spring evening and break your heart and affirm your life, at least just a little bit’.


Please note that the production will be altered from that shown in the below trailer, to take COVID-19 guidelines into account. Audiences will be kept at a safe distance from performers and each other.

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The maximum number of audience members at Wytham Woods will be 150, all seated at a safe distance from each other, with a one-way system for moving about the site.

At The Music Room in Eynsham, the maximum number of audience members will be 84, again all seated at a safe distance from each other, with a one-way system.

On 27 August the shows will be at The Music Room, Eynsham, OX29 4JD - please follow the signs.

On 28 and 29 August the shows will be in the natural amphitheatre behind the Chalet in Wytham Woods - please follow the signs.

There are three performances on each day: 11am, 2pm and 4.30pm. This is the same across all days and both sites.

You can arrive half an hour before the performance. If you are parking at Wytham Woods Main car park, please remember to allow 20 minutes to walk up to the Chalet.

We will be uploading a document very soon.

We will keep a list of attendees following the performances for three weeks. If anybody shows symptoms of COVID-19 we ask them to get in touch with us, and we will alert all other attendees of that show.

We recommend that you wear a mask.

Ample parking is available at Wytham Woods main car park, with some parking available next to the Chalet for those who require it.

There is no parking at The Music Room (disabled parking is available but this is very limited).

The ticket price is £30 for a pod, for between 1 - 6 people; there is no price variation.

You will need a picnic rug to sit on, and you must wear weather-appropriate clothing.

We will provide clear umbrellas for the audience to use. These will be disinfected between shows.

We will have professional event loos available on site.

At Wytham Woods there will be a catering van with food and hot drinks provided by the Edge Eatery. This will be available between 10.15 and 4pm on 28 and 29 August. Card and cash payments will be accepted.

You can, provided you take all your rubbish away with you.

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01865 614460

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