Support the Woods

Although access to the Woods is free, we are always grateful for donations towards the costs of their upkeep and to help fund innovative or specialist projects.

To mark the Platinum Jubilee and recognise its significant contribution since the 1940s, Wytham Woods was named one of the 70 ancient woodlands acknowledged under The Queen’s Green Canopy project. And while our roots are in the past, we are always growing into the future. That’s why we’re excited to reveal our plan to plant a new woodland by the northwest corner of the Woods, located between the Thames and the current woodland boundary. Bear Wood, named after the hill which rises up alongside, will have a vital role in the future of Wytham and its surrounding environment, which includes extracting and storing carbon dioxide from the air and providing a habitat for a wealth of wildlife.

We need your help in creating this new woodland!

Buy us an 'oakling' or a sapling from a native species of your choice.

Donate towards the Bear Wood project and Wytham Woods' ongoing support for educational and public events.

  • £30 could provide a blossom tree for Bear Wood.
  • £50 could create an area of wildflowers in Bear Wood.
  • £80 could build a free-standing insect hotel in Bear Wood.
  • £250 could enable a local school to visit Wytham Woods.

Any surplus donations for the above will go towards the expansion of our monitoring activities into Bear Wood. This will include putting up new Chronolog posts and bee boxes. Funds will also go towards interpretive panels, where necessary, and general site care as the new woodland is established.

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You will be offered your own heritage acorn from one of Oxfordshire’s ancient oaks and provided with information on how to grow and care for your acorn at home. In 2024, you can bring your sapling back to Wytham to be planted in Bear Wood.

You can also choose to purchase an ‘oakling’ grown from landmark veteran oak trees or a different sapling species at Wytham, and your donation will help us pay for their upkeep and prepare the Bear Wood site for planting.

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