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Anybody else who is helping with your project in any way must also have a research permit. Please ask them to fill out the research application form.

Yes, the Wytham Woods team can supply you with the access codes. Please get in touch via email.

Please do not drive off-ride if the conditions are not suitable, especially if your vehicle is not a 4 wheel drive. If in doubt, confirm with a woodland staff member.

You may access the site 24/7 however you must sign in and out on the whiteboard in the Sawmill Yard, and take notice of any periods of woodland closure and/or alerts on the Firearms WhatsApp group.

We will close access to the Woods when average wind speeds reach 40mph. Do not enter if the conditions are this unfavourable. Researchers will receive updates via the relevant WhatsApp group. To receive these updates make sure you register your mobile phone number on your research application form.

All information on drone-flying can be found here.

Please send your completed booking form to the Administrator via email.

All closure dates will be circulated to the Research mailing list. To ensure you are part of this list, make sure you have an up-to-date research permit (obtainable by filling out the research application form).

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If your question has not been answered on this page, please contact us onĀ wytham.woods@admin.ox.ac.uk