Wytham Woods is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), designated in 1958. The University of Oxford manages the woods and their associated habitats to maximise their nature conservation value, in collaboration with Natural England and the Forestry Commission. The Woods are also involved with the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

The Wytham Room

The University’s Museum of Natural History hosts the Wytham Exhibition of Arts & Science, a regularly-changing representation of the ecological scientific research a variety of research groups are undertaking in the Woods.

Taking a particular topic of timely interest and current research activity, The Wytham Studio aims to use video, soundscapes, art and narrative to bring to life various themes within the British natural landscape that concern us all and on which research at Oxford sheds particular light.  The exhibition links to a programme of art and science workshops in the Woods and vice versa, to help visitors reach a new understanding of the natural landscape.

Each exhibition represents a collaboration between The Wytham Studio and a researcher or research group from the University. 

Woods Come to Town lecture series

This lecture series, which began in 2016, is part of Wytham Woods’ outreach programme. The first series of lectures covered some of the longstanding research ongoing in the Woods, including Blue and Great Tits, small mammals, vegetation change, ash die- back disease, and Marley fen. The aim is to take Wytham’s science out to new audiences. 

Plant Sciences / Earth Sciences

A variety of projects are active in the Woods. For example, one investigates the effects of ivy growth on walls, with implications for subjects like the degradation of college walls and the maintenance of medieval walls. Results can be found here.