Walking Permit Application




We are now beginning to reopen Wytham Woods to permit holders, using a booking system. Tickets will be released on Eventbrite roughly one week in advance

This new booking system will be used, at first, to allow us to manage numbers as we will now be checking permits upon arrival. Managing access in this way places a burden upon our limited staff resources, and for this reason we will, at first, limit our opening days to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, closing at 5pm.

Please book either a 'morning' ticket (arrival between 10 and 1) or an 'afternoon' ticket (arrive between 1 and 4).

You must be a permit holder in order to visit, as if you do not have both a valid permit and a ticket, we will sadly have to turn you away from the site. (If you apply for a permit now, you will be sent an email version, which will be replaced by a physical permit card in due course.)

For now, you must arrive at (and leave by) the Wytham entrance to the Woods. Please note that an alternative car park will be used - the village recreation ground; so please look out for signs directing you to it.

We hope to return to our usual rules of access as soon as possible and thank you for your cooperation in the meantime. Our usual rules still apply, in particular we remind you that no dogs or cycling are allowed.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Woods!


We are still making areas within Wytham Woods available for school groups to use as outdoor teaching spaces and nature trails, to assist with the return of some pupils to school.

If you are a teacher, please get in touch by email (wytham.woods@admin.ox.ac.uk) to discuss; if you know somebody else who is, please spread the word. Visits must be by appointment only, and must keep to specified areas and times for the safety of all concerned.



Visitors to Wytham Woods will be asked to show their permit. Permits are free and last three years; you can apply for one using the link below.

Once your permit has expired, please apply for a new one in the same way.

By applying for a permit, you are agreeing to abide by our rules:

  1. No dogs*
  2. No cycling
  3. Permit holders are required to carry their permit
  4. Permit also covers the partner of the person to whom it is issued, and any persons accompanying them. It is not intended to cover parties of more than 6 people. 
  5. Abide to our opening times of 10am until dusk on weekdays. (Weekends dawn until dusk).

Permits may take up to two weeks in busy periods and will be sent by post.** Please note that we are currently only able to send permits to the UK and overseas applications will not be processed.

For access with a wheelchair or large pram, please email the office on wytham.woods@admin.ox.ac.uk to receive necessary gate codes.

*Fully trained working assistance dogs are permitted.

**During the COVID-19 crisis we are issuing Walking Permits in a temporary format via email.