Residency Theme: Trees

Alice Little in Wytham Woods

Our Writer in Residence, Alice Little, has chosen her theme for the year – trees.

She said:  ‘It might seem obvious but I’ve been learning in my preparatory research that trees are really only one part of the ecosystem in a woodland. I’m interested in how trees grow, how they react to their surroundings, how they communicate, and how they affect people – both as living trees and also in their use in wooden products from houses to musical instruments.’

As part of the Residency, Alice will be organising workshops, writing days, competitions, and other activities and events. She will be writing an anthology of short stories to be published at the end of the Residency by Holywell Press.

Alice is interested in writing about trees from several perspectives – as a backdrop for human interaction, in terms of the timeline of their lives (spanning the length of several human lives), in their relationships to human actors, and as active participants in the woodland world.