'Science Futures' Returns to Glastonbury

Wytham Woods staff contribute to the return of Science Futures

Following the success of its debut last year, the Science Futures area will be making its return to the Green Fields in 2023. Science Futures launched last year as the first ever area of the festival dedicated to public engagement with research. Focusing on the science providing solutions to the most pressing environmental and societal problems, the participants aim to make science and scientists accessible to festival-goers, providing a space where people could ask questions and get evidence-based answers. Science Futures therefore also provides counterbalance to misrepresentation of research, e.g. for political spin and via ‘fake news’ on social media platforms.

This year Festival-goers will be able once again to meet Conservator of Wytham Woods Nigel Fisher and the rest of the Science Futures team, led by Prof Emma Sayer (Lancaster University), to explore a rich offering of interactive stalls and of course the Laboratory Stage, hosting interactive demonstrations, ‘Ask a Scientist’ Q&A sessions, and science-themed performances, including music and stand-up comedy. The line-up is now included in the official listing online


The line-up for the Laboratory Stage at Glastonbury 2023.

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