Science Futures to make Glastonbury debut

Stalls at the Green Futures area in Glastonbury

Based in the Green Futures Field, the new Science Futures area promises games, music, discussions and demonstrations. Visitors can talk face-to-face with approachable scientists working on some of the world’s most critical problems and exciting innovations, including at the 'Sex & Bugs & Rock n Roll' stall, which Wytham Woods has contributed to since 2017. Conservator Nigel Fisher will be manning the stall and has also supported the development of the wider Science Futures area, coordinated by Dr Emma Sayer from Lancaster University. The Wytham Woods team has been building staging, in addition to supplying sound recordings for the new Sound Canopy, and of course our 'e-Tree', demonstrating the role of trees in carbon dioxide emissions.

Science Futures offers a counter-balance to the misuse of science on social media, political spin and fake news. 'It is all about sharing the curiosity and fascination of scientific discovery,' said Dr Emma Sayer. 'Lots of people see science as technical and complicated but we’re showing that it can be accessible and a lot of fun.'

Science Futures is supported by the University of Exeter, Lancaster University, the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (University of Kent), Wytham Woods (University of Oxford) and the Geological Society.

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