Woodland Trust helps create new woodland on the Wytham Estate

Newly planted trees at Tilbury

The Wytham Estate organised for 2,800 trees and 900 shrubs to be planted on University-owned land just north of the Eynsham Road outside Oxford. The project was supported by the Woodland Trust's MOREwoods scheme, which funded part of its cost and whose contractors did the work, planting more than 3,700 trees in just two days in late February.

All the trees are native species, including 200 oak and 250 wild cherry. While they are still small, in 15 years’ time the area will be a noticeable patch of woodland, visible from the A420 and the Eynsham Road.

We have many more plans for the site, including planting over a kilometre of hedgerow and 20 specimen trees chosen to form key points of focus within the landscape. There are also plans to create a new wetland nearby.  This work is part of a larger project on the Wytham Estate to enhance biodiversity and create wildlife corridors.



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