Wytham Woods permit and map revamped

We have relaunched our walking permits and visitor maps. Our new credit card-style permits, made of biodegradable plastic, are not just far more attractive than the old plain cardboard ones; they are also far more durable and convenient. Likewise the redesigned map gives you a clear picture of how to get around the woods and what you can expect to find in different places.

Permits to walk in Wytham Woods are free and available to all – you can apply online.

If you are planning to head out to enjoy this beautiful woodland landscape, why not take a look at the Nature A-Z to get an idea what you might see there at this time of year? The A-Z is being produced as part of the events to mark the 75th anniversary of the bequest of the Woods to the University; every week it features a new plant, animal or fungus that lives in the woods and is of particular interest at the moment.

Image of Wytham Woods Map leaflet and Permit card, published in 2018