13 July: Solitary Bee Nestbox Walk

Bee on a pink daisy flower, surrounding by more pink daisies with bright yellow centers

Want to help us monitor the solitary bees in Wytham Woods and Oxford City? As part of Oxford Plan Bee, we are holding regular guided ‘Solitary Bee Nestbox Walks' where you can also monitor wildflowers. No experience necessary, equipment provided, you just need your own lunch, sensible footwear, and enthusiasm!

Meet at 9.45am in the Wytham Woods car park for a 10am start, finishing by 1pm. 

The data collected as part of these walks are an essential component of our long-term monitoring of wildlife in the Woods and the city, and is the start of one of the only long-term monitoring schemes for solitary bees in the UK! The data will be used to inform our management decisions, and also utilised by scientists working in the Woods.