Badger Watching 10th May 2019

Join us for our annual badger watching sessions this May.

Nigel Fisher holds a plush toy badger, smiling while surrounded by people in brightly coloured rain coats

All sessions start at 6.45pm and end at 9.15pm. Please arrive at 6.30pm.

After an introduction by Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods, all attendees will be split into groups of c.10-15 people and taken by a member of staff to different badger setts within the Woods, where you will be seated for up to 2 hours. Please wear sensible footwear and warm clothes as you will be sitting by the sett for up to 2 hours.

Silence and stillness is needed for the badgers to be observed without disturbance; we advise that this event is therefore suitable for children over 8 years old.

Attendees are welcome to return to the car park at any time; however after 2 hours your Wytham Woods staff member will return to the sett to guide you back to the car park.

Please meet in the Wytham Woods car park (OX2 8QQ).

Overflow parking will be available, and walking permits are not required for this event.