Wytham Project: Music and Sounds of the Woods

Two people setting up musical instruments under a large moss covered tree with a small bird house hanging from a branch.

Wytham Project


Eric Clarke – violin, Stroviol

Bruno Guastalla – cello and bandoneon

Julian Masters – guitar


Plus guests:

Jo Hamilton - pipes, flute

Paul Medley - clarinet, bass clarinet

Pete McPhail - saxophone, flute, percussion

Joe Butler - poet


Marking the 75th year of the University’s acquisition of Wytham Woods, four musicians (Eric Clarke, Bruno Guastalla, Melissa Holding, Julian Masters) spent a weekend in July making music and recording the sounds of the woods, in locations including The Chalet, Rough Common, The Singing Way and under the canopy of Wytham’s oldest tree.

‘Wytham Project’, in The Yard at Wytham on September 8th from 7.30 – 9.00pm, presents music and sound art inspired by Wytham, transformed by Wytham, and recorded in Wytham. Expect an eclectic mix of free improvisation, original compositions, location recordings and sonic hybrids, presented to a mobile audience in the buildings and spaces of The Sawmill Yard.


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