Wytham Wild Camp - Oct 2023

The legs of two children dangle over the edge of a hammock strung between trees.

What is Wytham Wild Camp?

  • A wonderful and highly commended Day Camp at Wytham Woods for 8 - 12 year olds.
  • Just 16 kids per day with 2 expert outdoor educators from the Wytham team and partner organisations.
  • Lots of fun roaming around the Woods, finding mini beasts, meeting scientists, making dens, camp fire cooking and much more.
  • Drop off between 9am and 9.20am at the Wytham Woods car park, accessed from Wytham Village.
  • Pick up between 4pm and 4.20pm at the same place. Earlier picks ups can be arranged.
  • Book as many days as suits you!
  • £45 per day

For further insight into the camp, read Kim's blog about the Easter 2023 camp.

Feedback from parents and children from Easter 2023:

Love the ‘back to basics’ break from hectic life for [my son]. Outdoor, no screen, lovely team around him. And for him to reconnect with friends he met previously.

I've never seen my daughter come home from a school holiday camp so happy - she came home beaming and can't wait for the next opportunity to go on one. She learnt loads about insects and moths, had time to play, and even got to see some baby badger footprints in the mud which she was so excited about. All round good fun!

My 8yr old daughter attended this camp organised by Dr Kim Polgreen for three days and she absolutely loved it. I am so grateful to the recommendation from one of the mums at my daughter’s school. Initially, I was a little concerned about the age range of 8-12 yrs but Kim highlighted the group sizing and supervision transparently. The programme looked and sounded very impressive.

I just wanted to thank you, [my son] absolutely loved the camp today and is begging me to book him in for a summer camp!

My daughter really loved being with some of her friends and meeting new ones too. The staff members were exceptional – not just their teaching but their observations of the groups and kindness. They kept the groups busy with little downtime. My daughter participated in insect identification aided by an Entomologist; wood cutting, carving her grandmother a necklace from a tree branch; map reading; games; cooking and more. The 2hr hike on Day 2 was an ambitious plan but pulled off with ease by these camp maestros. My daughter slept like a bear that evening. Cooking in the camp was a real highlight. Everyday there was something delicious, stew, bread, doughnuts - bushtucker at its best. This is a woodland experience that I’m sure Bear Grylls would approve, in fact as the week progressed, I was surprised Kim didn’t wheel him out for a chat.

Trying to pick the best thing about this camp is really hard. We all know that there are numerous scientific studies that have delved into the benefits of exposing children to nature, the improved mood, creativity, concentration as well as the ability to problem-solve. For me I’d say the best thing was the inspiration and motivation, the sheer thrill and delight of my daughter’s face every morning jumping out of bed to get ready for camp matched only by the smiles on her parent’s faces. Kim and team are the best sort of woodland friends that everyone with kids really, really needs. Thank you so much to Kim and the team.


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