Wytham Woods Book Group

Join Kim Polgreen, Wytham Woods Youth Educator-in-Residence, and Penny Boxall, Wytham's new Writer-in-Residence for a walk and a gentle but intellectual chat about the books we and you have enjoyed.

This is a fun, informal opportunity to meet other people who are interested in reading books and poetry about nature, climate and related issues. Come and hear about the books and poems that others have read and to share your enthusiasm for something you've read (or are just curious about but haven't got round to reading yet!).

Bring a book with you that you'd like to talk about: it would be lovely if you would read out a few paragraphs that you feel illustrate what you like about it.

We aren't charging but would really appreciate a small financial contribution to the biscuit fund on the day - we provide events for lots of teenagers visiting Wytham who like biscuits!

Meet at the main Woods car park at OX2 8QQ (accessed via Wytham Village) at 10am. If you get to the car park late, call us (number will be on instruction email you get the day before) and we'll let you know where we are.




Tel: 01865 (6)14459

Email: wytham.woods@admin.ox.ac.uk