Wytham Studio

The Wytham Studio is a visual arts research group based at Wytham Woods. The Studio is headed by anthropologist and printmaker Dr Robin Wilson and co-run by artist Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley with a wide web of collaborators from visual and fine arts research. The group is interested in how we understand perceptions of the environment, specifically how various skilled groups, including scientists, craftspeople and artists, inhabit, perceive, and act in the world. 

The Wytham Studio is regularly open to the public and runs printmaking teaching workshops for schools, fine art colleges, and local groups. We coordinate regular arts and science events in the Woods and exhibit at galleries and museums locally and nationally throughout the year. Our current main project, which has significant public engagement, is a five-year collaboration with Japanese National Living Treasure Isezaki Jun and a team from Japan’s ceramics town of Bizen to build two traditional Anagama Kilns.